Digiministeri Mounir Mahjoubi ja La French Tech mukana Slushissa 2017

• Kolmatta kertaa Slushiin osallistuva Ranskan vienninedistämiskeskus Business France tuo paikalle 10 startupia, jotka esittelevät osaamistaan La French Techin osastolla.
• Ranskan digiasioiden ministeri Mounir Mahjoubi puhuu Slushissa 1.12. klo 14:10.
• Tänä vuonna ranskalaiset innovaatiot tulevat olemaan poikkeuksellisen hyvin edustettuina tapahtumassa: pääpuhujiin kuuluvat mm. ranskalaiset Nicolas Brusson (perustajajäsen, BlaBlaCar), Corinne Vigreux (perustajajäsen, Tom Tom) ja Nicolas Dessaigne (perustajajäsen, Algolia).

Emmanuel Macronin hallituksen digiasioista vastaava ministeri Mounir Mahjoubi puhuu Slushin kutsumana tekoälyn mahdollisuuksista Euroopalle (1.12 klo 14.10)
Lue Elsa Snellmanin artikkeli Tech Superstar Behind the Macron Campaign Takes the Stage at Slush

La French Tech edustaa ranskalaisia teknologiainnovaatioita jälleen Slushissa 2017 kymmenen startupin voimin

Kolmatta kertaa Slushiin osallistuva Ranskan vienninedistämiskeskus Business France tuo tapahtumaan kymmenen startupia, jotka edustavat La French Techiä eli ranskalaisia innovatiivisia teknologiayrityksiä. La French Tech ja startupit löytyvät Slushista ständeiltä D11-D16.

Yritykset valikoituivat Business Francen järjestämän kilpailun kautta. Ranskalais-suomalainen asiantuntijaraati* valitsi hakijoiden joukosta 10 yritystä edustamaan ranskalaisia teknologiainnovaatioita Slushiin. Kriteereinä voittajien valinnassa oli tuotteen tai palvelun uutuusarvo, eheä liiketoimintasuunnitelma sekä kasvupotentiaali. Yritykset saavat valmennusta mm. Arctic Startupilta.

Yksi French Techin startupeista, SYLink Technologie, on valittu kilpailemaan Slush 100 -pitchauskilpailuun yhdessä sadan muun startupin kanssa. Viime vuonna Slush 100-kilpailun voitti French Tech -startup Cybel Angel.

Myös muita ranskalaisia on kutsuttu Slushin puhujiksi, esimerkiksi BlaBlaCarin, Tom Tomin ja Algolian perustajajäsenet Nicolas Brusson, Corinne Vigreux ja Nicolas Dessaigne edustavat ranskalaisia businessmaailman menestystarinoita lähivuosilta.

Business France järjestää Slushin yhteydessä myös La French Tech Polar Night -iltatilaisuuden sijoittajille ja medialle to 31.11. klo 19.

* Riku ASIKAINEN, Founder and Chairman – Finnish Business Angels Network, Eric MORAND, Director of the Tech & Services department – Business France, Evelyne RABY, COO – CybelAngel, Pia SANTAVIRTA, Managing Director – Finnish Venture Capital Association, Dmitri SARLE, CEO – Arctic Startup et Arctic 15, Nathalie TRANNOIS, Head of the International Immersion Unit – Bpifrance.


French Tech -startupit Slushissa (D11-D16)


“Rational audio solutions”
Agora designs and manufactures high-fidelity sound systems and "network" infrastructure for the live and entertainment industry. Our philosophy from design to manufacturing is to deliver strong, intuitive, and fast to setup solutions to our customers and users.


“AI vocal & semantic technology converting phone calls into marketing data”
Allo-Media is specialized in connecting prospects and businesses with specialized directories. It offers intelligent call-tracking solution combining voice recognition, in-depth analysis of conversations and semantic intelligence to analyze phone conversations and get the data of each call in real time.


“The World’s First A.I. Powered Browser”
Biggerpan develops a predictive A.I. technology that improves your experience of the mobile web by recommending relevant content, services and purchases in real time, based on the context of the pages you are browsing.


“Improving the lives of people in care, one home at a time”
Domalys manufactures innovative solutions that improve the lives of people in care. In order to prevent falls and a loss of autonomy, Domalys’ design department has worked with health professionals to develop Aladin, a real care assistant.


“Low-frequency tracking service for mobile assets”
To help blue industrial chips to create customer-value through Industrial IoT, ffly4u is specialized in embedded information on mobile and non-powered assets. ffly4u relies on low-bandwidth wireless technologies and Thingworx data platform to provide full-service indoor and outdoor solutions.

Move’n see

“Your personal robot cameraman”
Video usages continue to grow, but without a cameraman for constant reframing, there are several missed opportunities. Move ‘n See was created in 2011 as the first company in the world creating, manufacturing and selling robot cameras for all.


”Creating devices that enable new mobile AR & entertainment experiences”
Optinvent engineers and delivers cutting edge wearable tech products. This disruptive new category of wearable devices opens the door to a world of
possibilities in mobile augmented reality. The ORA-X is the world’s first AR headphone seamlessly blending mobile audio with a new visual experience.

SYLink technologie

”A secure, connected life!”
SYLink is an innovative solution based on the most powerful algorithms in the world. It scans, analyzes, detects, and alerts you in the event of danger. SYLink’s revolutionary design offers finesse and mobility, without compromising on performance.


“Analyse how your sales documents are read”
Tilkee is a cloud-based app that optimises prospect follow-up by tracking sales proposals and marketing content and predicting sales. Tilkee analyses your prospects’ reading behaviour to help you precisely gauge their interest and their willingness to sign, all in real time!


” The first business email solution that respects your most precious resource: time”
With Timyo you can send email with clear expectations, understand priorities at a glance, choose when you would like a response and what kind of response is expected.

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